Balloons 'N Candy

We are now offering Balloons stuffed with candy!


NEW – Balloon deliveries now includes our “Balloon Character Candy Bags”. These are great to use instead of, or in addition to, gift bags. Each balloon sculpture will be customized for your theme, and each comes with a variety of hard candies inside. These balloons can be tailored to your event, with a variety of cartoon, video game character, animals and birds themes available.


These items can also be ordered separately (minimum 10, plus tax and delivery fee $17.95), or we can add a few to any balloon artist package (no minimum). Only $6.95 each — or get 12 for $80.00 — and each person who gets one will have a little balloon-pinata for later. Since each balloon creation we build for a delivery has at least some unique features, the prices may vary based upon your requirements.


Here are just a few ideas of what these Balloons Candy creations can look like — we can usually match them to your event theme!


Kid's Parties - Candy Balloon - Flower:Smiley
Candy Balloon – Flower:Smiley
balloon artist - balloon rocketwith candy
Red Rocket Candy Balloon
Froggy Candy Balloon