Airplanes, Helicopters and Space vehicles

If you need a balloon sculpture that seems to fly, or to spend time in space, here is the place!


The official on-staff balloon designer here at All Things Balloon has come up with a LOT of really cool or really cute balloon designs over the past few years, but he really LOVES building mechanical stuff – cars, trucks, airplanes, etc. Ernie has come up with so many awesome vehicles made of balloons, we’ve decided to give him a whole page to display his latest, most amazing creations.


Any of these designs can be customized to fit your particular needs – colors, size, etc. They can be purchased for delivery (we will charge State Sales Tax and a $17.95 delivery fee), and some of them can be requested as the special creation we include for most birthday events. Please call us (210) 734-9860 to discuss pricing and customizing options.


PS. If you are wondering why these sculptures cost so much — it can take up to 3 hours, and and a LOT of balloons to create the semi-realistic look that makes these unique balloon creations so darned cool! The REALLY big stuff – like the 9′ long X-Wing – can take over 10 man-hours to build.


balloon twister - balloon star ship
Nearly 9′ long, this one has a tunnel behind the cockpit for little guys to pop out of (sort of like R2D2). This one is HUGE, so have plenty of room, and plenty of $$. Awesome photo op!
balloon twister - balloon star fighter built for kids birthday party
A slightly smaller Star Fighter for the really big Star Wars fan. This one measures about 4′ long, and includes a ‘bot in place to aid the Star Pilot if needed. We can include this one when you book a balloon event with us….or pay $75.00 plus Tax & Delivery if purchased seperately
kid's party - balloon airplane
This tail-dragger is nearly 3′ long with a wingspan of nearly 3′. Fantastic centerpiece for an aviation-themed event. This size costs $165.00 plus Tax and Delivery; bigger sizes available (call for pricing)
balloon twister - balloon airplane
A pretty detailed Single Engine Propeller type aircraft. This one is about 4′ long and 5′ across, can be customized (colors, landing gear, wing tip tanks, etc – call us to discuss). Starts at $110.00, plus Tax & Delivery
balloon artist - balloon jet fighter
Another view of our Super Jet fighter – $99.95 plus Tax & Delivery
balloon artist - balloon jet fighter
Another view of our Super Jet fighter – $99.95 plus Tax & Delivery
balloon decor - Southwest Airlines column
SW Airlines -themed column. About 6 ft tall – $125 each +Tax & Delivery
balloon party - balloon airplane
Passenger/cargo jet – colors can be customized. About 5′ long, wingspan nearly 4′. This one works great atop a 5′ column; or attach 2 of them to an arch
kid's party - balloon attack helicopter
A super advanced attack helicopter. This one is about 2.5′ long, 3′ wide; $95.00 in your choice of colors; can be made even larger if required.
kids party - balloon helicopter
A really HUGE helicopter – $39.95 plus Tax & Delivery, in your choice of colors
balloon artist - balloon space drop ship
Terran Drop ship…sci fi fans take note! $39.99 + Tax & Delivery
balloon artist - Star Wars Walkers
If you need to start an army to eradicate rebel scum, order a couple of these. Each model is about 2′ long, 1.5 ft tall. You can own two of these for $190.00, plus Tax and Delivery; larger size available (call to discuss pricing).
Balloon Artist - mechanical walker vehicle
Mech Walker – V2. This one is over 12″ tall – $29.95 plus Tax & Delivery
balloon artist - balloon space vehicle
Exploring Mars or the Moon? Take this Planetary Explorer vehicle with you! A great centerpiece for a space-themed event! This model is about18″ long; $75.00 plus Tax and Delivery.
balloon artist - monkey with jet pack
EEEK! A flying monkey! $24.95, plus Tax & Delivery