Entertainer Policies

The following policies apply when you hire one or more of our balloon artists and/or face painters:

Event Deposits –

  • Deposits are NOT refundable.  However, you may reschedule the party within one year and this deposit will be applied to your next event.
  • If you have paid the entire invoice in advance, all charges minus the deposit will be refunded.  You may reschedule the party within one year and this deposit will be applied to your next event.
  • Of course, if one of our entertainers can not make it to your event for any reason, we will gladly refund all deposits immediately.Please call us at (210) 734-9860 if you have questions about our Payment or Refund policies.

Set up/On Station times for Corporate events –

  • We usually only need a few minutes to set up our equipment.
  • If your event requires us to be in place earlier than the scheduled start time, we will charge you for the additional time.
  • For example, if your event starts at 9:00am, and you require our artists to be in place at 8:30am, you will be charged for the extra 30 minutes per entertainer.
  • Minimum times
  • We have some of the best balloon artists and face painters in town — we just need enough time to show you how good we are!
  • Minimum time – One Balloon Artist or One Face Painter is 90 minutes.
  • Minimum time for 2 or more of any of our entertainers is 60 minutes per entertainer.
  • Each of our entertainers can accommodate about 15-18 people in an hour hour — you can always hire us longer if you expect more guests.

Inclement Weather

  • COLD WEATHER  We cannot twist balloons or paint faces outdoors in temperatures under 50 degrees.  It is simply too cold to move our fingers. 

  • If you still want us to entertain at the event in temperatures below 50 degrees, we can only accommodate 7 children in an hour, since we have to keep stopping to blow on our hands in order to warm them up enough to move.  You must hire us for extra time to allow for this contingency.

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