Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures by All Things Balloon, Inc.

We have a large variety of balloon creatures that usually can be found swimming or crawling in the ocean. Sea Turtles in 4 sizes, 4 different sizes of Sharks, big and little Mermaids…and a Spongy Guy that takes about 20 minutes to build!

Our balloon artists can build the perfect sea creature for your event — or an entire undersea display!   Call us at (210) 734-9860 to book your event today!


For the latest additions and updates to these photos, please visit out our completely redesigned All Things Balloon website!

kids birthday party - balloon artist version of Sponge Bob
His Sponginess — nearly 3′ tall, a great addition to any “Under the Sea” event. $49.95 plus Tax & Delivery
kid's party - balloon mermaid - bubble guppy
An adorable Bubble Guppy!
birthday party - balloon mermaid inside giant clear balloon
Everyone’s favorite Mermaid — in a bubble! $49.99 plus Tax & Delivery
balloon artist - balloon mermaid for kids birthday party
Elegant version of Ariel
balloon decor - balloon undersea scene with balloon octopus and balloon fish - built for a kid's birthday event
This makes a nice centerpiece for an “Under the Sea” event
balloon decor - undersea scene with balloon Octopus and balloon fish; built for a kid's birthday event
Wouldn’t this look great at a Seafood Restaurant?!
balloon decor - balloon sea turtle centerpiece
This baby Sea Turtle centerpiece is extra cute!
Balloon sea turtle hat
Wow! This one is nearly life-sized!
balloon twister- balloon hammerhead shark for kid's birthday party
A cute little Hammerhead Shark in blue
balloon decor - balloon shark column
This one is nearly life-sized!

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