Animals and Birds

This page features Animal and Bird balloon sculptures.

For the latest additions and updates to these photos, please check back often!

We can build a large variety of creatures – real and imaginary – that will delight and amaze you and your guests! And we are always coming up with something new and incredible that’s sure to delight all the little (and not-so-little) people at your special occasion!

balloon artist: balloon Dog for kid's party
Probably one of the absolute cutest balloon dogs ever!
balloon twister - balloon dog
Balloon dogs are easy, right?! This one takes about 45 minutes to build!
balloon artist -balloon dog
One of the happiest, most adorable balloon dogs ever!
kids party - balloon artist - balloon cat
Bad Kitty! – leave that poor little fish alone!
balloon artist: balloon Bunny/Rabbit for kid's party
Adorable bunny!
Balloon artist - giant balloon Tiger
Good thing he’s friendly?!
balloon artist: balloon tiger for kid's party
A ferocious tiger is ready to pounce!
balloon Artist - balloon skunk
This little guy would love to attend your “smellabration”
balloon artist: balloon Giraffe for kid's party
A seriously awesome giraffe — almost 4′ tall!
balloon twister - balloon gorilla
This is one BIG Gorilla – $39.95 each, plus Tax & Delivery
balloon artist: balloon Monkey on balloon surfboard; for a birthday party
“Surf’s up, Dude!” $49.95 + Tax & Delivery
sports events - Spurs Coyote balloon
We LOVE working events for the San Antonio Spurs!!
a nifty dragon
Balloon artist: huge fire-breathing balloon dragon for kids party
Nearly 6′ of fire breathing Dragon! $69.95 plus Tax & Delivery
balloon twister: kid's party - balloon winged dinosaur
Another view of our dreaded Pterodactyl!
kid party - balloon dinosaur; balloon Triceratops
Highly detailed version of Triceratops
balloon artist: kids birthday event - balloon lizard
A really big balloon lizard — eating a really big bug!
Balloon Artist: balloon frog for kids party
One variety of Frog that we can do – makes an adorable centerpiece!
kids party - balloon angry birds
A flock of ticked off birds comin’ at ya!
balloon decor - balloon flamingos
A fine flock of Fuchsia Flamingos!
balloon artist: balloon Chicken for kid's party
A very attractive chicken — if you are a rooster!
kids party - balloon artist's balloon cockatoo
One very cool Cockatoo
balloon artist - kids party - balloon parrot
A gorgeous balloon Parrot
balloon artist: balloon Cardinal bird for kid's party
Maybe you have a Cardinals fan in the house?