Updated Client list

We just finished updating our client list — and boy is it long! Someday we may get around to updating when our clients first came on board, but we know that the San Antonio Spurs have been clients for nearly as long as we have been in business!

We truly have been blessed with some awesome clients, and we want to thank each and everyone of them for trusting us to entertain – or decorate- their events. Thank you again!!!

Ernie & Sheryl

and the rest of the All Things Balloon, Inc. team

We LOVE working with the SA Spurs!!

Recently, we received Championship rings from the Spurs Organization!!

We have been a part of the Spurs family since 2002, through 4 Championship series, and a bunch of great seasons. We are blessed to have this relationship, and we are blessed that we have a fantastic mascot – the Spurs Coyote. Go Spurs!!!

San Antonio Spurs – 2014 NBA Champs

We are very proud of our Spurs basketball team! This was our 4th championship season as the official balloon artists for the Spurs, and we are so happy for the team, and the city who that supports them.

We want to thank the Spurs organization for being our clients since 2003 – making them our longest running repeat customer!

5 trophies     NBA Trophy Column PS WM NBA Trophy PS WM

We can hope that the NBA 2015 season to be a repeat of this one – with the San Antonio Spurs once again the top NBA team in the nation! #gospursgo!

San Antonio Spurs drive for Five!

We have been the official balloon artists for the San Antonio Spurs since 2003, and have been helping create great memories for the fans at the AT&T Center – and throughout San Antonio! Not only do we build the Spurs Coyote balloon hats and the “Spur” symbol hats for the Spurs fans, we have started making those adorable Coyote bracelets and headbands that have been all the rage during the Spurs playoff games.


We have also built life-sized Coyotes, and life-sized team members, as well as some smaller versions for delivery throughout the Greater San Antonio area. From birthday gifts to store decorations, we can supply the local fans with some of the most awesome Spurs-related balloon sculptures for all kinds of events.


The Spurs have won four NBA titles so far, and are only two games away from defeating the Miami Heat for NBA trophy #5. The trophy for 2014 will take its place next to the ones from 1999, 2003, 2005 and 2007!  #gospursgo!





Creativity Strikes!

Occasionally, we see something that just begs to recreated in balloons.

Recently, we decided to see if we could build/create a hot rod, a better/cooler fighter jet, an amazing attack helicopter and a Mech Walker. Here is the result:

As you can see, our first attempts (version 1) of each of these concepts was pretty darned good, but we aren’t content with “pretty darned good”. We try to go all the way to “OMG that’s AWESOME!”


This is the kind of detail you can expect when you book us for a birthday event – the birthday child will get something that is pretty much awesome, while the rest of the guests get just plain ole amazing balloon sculptures.

Call us at (210) 734-9860 to book your event today!

Check out we we just learned!

Just got back from Heber Springs, AR, where we learned a BUNCH of new stuff from Robbie Furman! If you ever need anything like these awesome balloon creations, gives us a call. The bigger sculptures take  quite a few man-hours, so please allow enough time for us to custom-build one just for your event! Prices vary, so please call us to discuss your balloon decor requirements. (210) 734-9860

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s hoping that you and your loved ones will have a fabulous Thanksgiving day!

balloon decor - balloon cornucopia

“Happy Thanksgiving” cornucopia

Halloween is nearly here!

kids party - balloon hand and eyeball  Yes it’ s that time of year again – Halloween!  We have fun making seasonal balloon sculptures all year long, but Halloween really let’s us cut loose with some silly,spooky, scary stuff!


We get incredibly busy at this time of year — along with the multitude of birthday events, we also get hired to provide balloons and face painting for tons of fall/Halloween events. What this means to you, is that we may have a tough time putting your event into the schedule over the next 5-6 weeks. If you have an occasion coming up, please call us ASAP!


Now for the fun stuff. Here are some photos of things we have made for past Halloween events. The creepy green hand coming out of a box while holding a dislodged eyeball (the photo to the right) is our latest spooky creation. Scroll down for more photos.



TJAM on the Road – again!

T Myers and Pioneer Balloons are once again sponsoring TJAM on the Road! This year they have incorporated two awesome balloon artists to teach – and entertain – at each 1-day session. They will be hitting 10 cities over the next month or so, and if you have a chance to get in on this, do it!!



As you can see, much fun can be had at TJOTR, and you can learn some really cool designs from 2 awesome instructors.

New collaboration means even cooler photos!

All Things Balloon, Inc has teamed up with Hayward Gaude Photography!

We have finally found a great solution to one of our long-term problems — how do you really showcase a fantastic balloon creation? Unless you have a really cool photography studio handy, you probably just try to get a clean background and hope you can edit the photo — if you have the time and software.

To get great photos, you need a great photographer who already has with lots of lights and high-end camera equipment in his studio. One who knows his stuff, and can apply his expertise to each unique circumstance.

We have found a fantastic photographer– Hayward Gaude photography — to help us bring our balloon creations to life. Hayward has the skills, and the equipment, to make the photos you see on our website really “pop!”

We plan on using Hayward’s talents to gradually replace all of the photos on our website with professionally produced photos. Here are the first two photos to show you what I’m talking about–


For your information,  the “Not-Professional Photographer”  photos took me a long time to produce (using Photoshop Elements 11), and they look pretty OK, if you don’t look too close. The photos Hayward took really adds a lot of depth and eliminates those pesky shadows, giving us a beautiful idea of what the balloon creation actually looked like when it was built.


Hayward Gaude Photography is a local boutique photography studio in North San Antonio near Helotes specializing in Heirloom Quality fine portraiture for your home. Their goal is to deliver the absolute finest in photographic wall art that you will be proud to hang in your home for years to come.

Hayward and his wife Shannon have been in San Antonio since 2005 and decided that they absolutely love working with families and children and focused our boutique photography business around that specialty — which makes them an ideal match for us at All Things Balloon, Inc.!

I am really looking forward to working with HG Photography, and improving our portfolio of balloon photos. And if you need some fantastic family fotos, you should visit their website or give them a call at (210) 265-1101 to set up a no-obligation appointment. Shannon and Hayward are extremely nice people to deal with, and I’m sure you will be pleased with your results!