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Costumed Entertainers

Costumed Entertainers

With the right financial incentive, we can be persuaded to show up in costume for your event. Please keep in mind that some costumes are not appropriate for making balloons (or painting faces) — gloves, masks and bulky costumes that do not allow the balloon artist to see or “twist” just will not work.


We also perform Singing Telegrams! Check out the YouTube video…Sheryl showed up as the Grim Reaper, then sang a specially prepared song for the birthday dude. As you can see, this was a real hit with the audience! Our most popular Singing Telegrams are the Grim Reaper, the Big Monkey, the Teddy Bear and the Amazing Chicken 🙂


Please call us if having a costumed performer would liven up your next event! Give us a call at (210) 734-9860 or request an appointment today!

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