Balloon Art – Balloon Characters

All Things Balloon, Inc. — “the coolest balloons in the galaxy!”  We build balloon sculptures that are colorful and fun, and with an insane amount of detail, and we will bet that you probably have never seen balloon art this amazing  anywhere!


While our talented balloon twisters can not build a balloon version of EVERY cartoon or video game character, they can usually build some significant item from most of them. So, if your little one absolutely LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba, or MineCraft, TMNTs, or one of the 100’s of other video games/cartoon series, we already have one of more creations that will make make your little one squeal with delight! You can always text/email us a photo of that special character you need, and our fabulous balloon twisters will do their darndest to build one specially for your event!


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