Face Painting

Fantastic Face Painters

Balloonamations, and now All Things Balloon, Inc., has been supplying incredible balloon artists to events for over 10 years, and we have been providing some absolutely fantastic face painters for nearly as long. Our talented face paint artists can provide small designs for a cheek or arm, or they can ramp it up to dazzling full-face designs. Here are just a few examples of the incredible artwork, the fantastic detail, and the amazing colors that our face painters can produce. To book one (or more) of our incredible face painters, you can call at us (210) 734-9860 or request an appointment today!

Our Face Painters also have waterproof face paints and glitter tattoos for those parties and events that will feature swimming pools or water slides!


For the latest additions and updates to these photos, please check out our completely redesigned All Things Balloon website!

Face Paint - snowflake
Face Painting - Butterflies
Butterfly facial
Face Painting - Butterflies
Face Painting - Cheek- Princess
cheeky Princess
Face Painting - Fireworks
Facial Fireworks
Face Painting - Flamingo
Flamingo face
Face Painting - Ghoul 1
Zombie dude
Face Painting - Rainbow
Rainbows are cool
Face painting - skull
“You really might want to try getting a little more sun….”
Face painting - spiderman
“You look a lot taller in the movies….”
Face Painting - cute puppy
Cute puppy cheek
Face Painting - full Tiger
Face Painting - pretty hearts
Face Painting - Arm - Dragon
3-5 minutes
Face Painting - Arm-Heart
Heart on her sleeve
Face Painting - Arm - Butterfly
Butterfly arm
Face Painting - skull
“That’s an unusual birthmark you have there…”
Face painting - Flowers and rainbow
Flowers and Rainbows
A cool red car
Kid's Party: Face Painter: Minnie Mouse

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